A fitter way to leading a healthy life

We today are generally very particular about the way we look and appear. Fitness is very important for having a good body as well as a healthy lifestyle. In order to make an appearance in public, we need to think about the dresses we wear and the way we carry ourselves. But, in order for the dresses to fit well, we need to have a perfectly fit body, on which every kind of dress looks great. In our hectic everyday schedules we forget or go loose on our fitness schedules. This is actually very wrong. If we have to keep working, then staying fit is integral.

Staying fit is a necessity

Fitness does not mean sweating it out in the gym. It refers to having a healthy lifestyle. It is not important for us all to have a lean frame with flat abs. What is important, is keeping the metabolic rate good and the body free of any ailments. It is important to have the right kind of food and do the right exercises, so that unnecessary accumulation of fat does not take place. With over-weight and obesity, it is not just the appearance that gets distorted. Many other problems like blood pressure, diabetes level, and bone problems arise with the passing years. Obesity is an enemy, which is really difficult to control. Fitness is like meditation. One has to make it a habit, such that it keeps the body and mind at peace.

A personal experience

It is quite difficult to stay fit and this I can say from a very personal experience. Though I have been really conscious about fitness and exercising, I have never been anorexic for sure. But, during the time of my board exercises, I went completely berserk with studies. There was absolutely no time for fitness, as all I was doing was eating and studying. Surely, I was inadvertently neglecting my fitness regime and by the time my exams got over, I was shocked to notice a marked difference in my body shape. There was a little protruding belly and baby fats here and there. I was completely out of shape, and it was the worst feeling in the world! Also, my face developed pimples due to an unhealthy diet plan. The inertia had to be shaken off and I tried to get into my regular routine from the next moment. After a week’s hard work and conscious food habits, I managed to somehow tone a few areas. Surely, losing weight is a much bigger ordeal than gaining it!

Being consistent on the routine

10 minutes on the treadmill is a big deal for me. Fitness experts are of the view that for maintaining a great body, 20 minutes on the treadmill is a minimum. It is very important to be consistent. If you are unwilling to slog it out every day, then at least a minimum of 15 minutes of running or walking everyday would be great. No matter how busy your schedule is; it is important to take at least 10-15 minutes of time out to exercise every day. Diet is very important. I generally avoid having too many carbs and oily stuff. The more protein-rich the diet is, the better it is for the body. The strength received from protein-rich diets is very helpful while exercising every day. Good food, good sleep and regular exercising are the mantras for the uber-fit and enviable body. So, those who are still wondering when to start from; my suggestion would be, the earliest the better. Taking baby steps and consulting an instructor, should be the first things to be done.

Why to exercise regularly in the morning?

Fitness is something that everyone would like to be. There are many ways that you can achieve it. therefore, it is essential for you to understand how to be fit, without the stress and tiredness, so that the body and the mind are in proper shape and condition. Health experts state that the best time to exercise, is in the morning, be it manual or by using the modern and sophisticated equipments.

Reasons to do exercise in the morning

Morning is the best time, since, there are various benefits, while performing exercises in the morning, rather than any other time in the day. morning is the time, when most of us are free, when compared to other time of the day, when we tend to get engaged with something or the other. but, it is necessary to set out some scheduled time in the morning to do the exercises and the regime should not be broken, but made a regular habit. Another disadvantage of performing exercises later in the day, is that it would rev up the system, at a time, when your body would like to wind down after a day’s long hard work, to prepare for bed, relax and have a good sleep.

Selecting the best equipment and exercise

There are many ways that you can select for performing the exercise. However, people with very less time can take an alternative method of exercising their body, without the pain and stay fit. You can have a dog as a pet that would require you to take it out regularly for a walk. there are two advantages with this. Firstly, the dog would be satisfied with the walk and pay back its master with loyalty and affection. Secondly, in the process, the individual is likely to stay fit and healthy.

Exercise program

It is necessary to have a proper exercise program that is chalked out by a health expert. Performing wrong types of exercise, would only create health related issues, cramps, stress and energy loss. The health expert would also provide a health supplementary that should be taken periodically along with the exercise, to boost energy and strength. At the same time, exercise should be accompanied with fun, so that the stress is avoided and the entire session would be soothing and relaxing. Also, the right footwear is to be used, so that it does not cause uncomfortable or pain.

Why is fitness so important today?

Fitness is very personal for everyone. Some people take it seriously, while others simply go for the basic routine in order to stay fit. I was not very educated about the idea of fitness and to me fitness was to have a great body and look fabulous in any dress. But that is only a certain part of the fitness benefits that we receive. Fitness is about keeping every functions and processes of the body alive and properly working. Today we are so much busy in earning money and being successful that we forget paying heed to the most important asset of our lives – our body. This is what fitness teaches us to respect and maintain with care.

Fitness to me today

The concept of looking good and perfect is still with me today but fitness today is more basic for me. It has become an integral part of life, which one cannot imagine living without. With deposition of an ounce of fat in by body, makes me frantic. I try to lose the extra kilos as soon as possible and it is nothing wrong to be extra careful about your body. I try to have nutritious food which is well supplemented with a lot of liquid. There is nothing like leading a life free of all ailments. I believe people should save their hard earned money for enjoying the finer things in life, rather than medical bills. Adulteration is everywhere and we need to be extra careful about the food we consume. Also, environmental pollution, hybrid products and too many junk food outlets, are surrounding our lives with dangerous ailments, which we all dread. So, in order to stay alive and exuberant it is very important to lead a healthy lifestyle, which has discipline, dedication and respect for things we have.

Keeping away from bad habits

Thankfully, I have never been into alcohol and cigarettes, which is why I feel more refined than my friends. A friend of mine had to get a liver transplant at the age of 23, because of his excessive alcohol consumption. Smoking, cigarettes and drugs, weaken our immune system and damage our liver and heart. If they are not able to function properly, they will show signs of it by distorting our physical appearance. Alcohol makes you gain weight and smoking destroys the lungs. With cholesterol running in your blood channels, you cannot hope to live a healthy life for long.

Being stress free

We all have our difficulties, problems and struggles. If fitness is important for us, we should quit smoking and drinking which people commonly start resorting to in times of depression and stress. It is important to have peace of mind. Starting or ending your work-out schedule with meditation can help in being stress-free. Going for a run amidst Nature every morning, can help us de-stress ourselves. Total fitness is achieved when we take care of both our physical and mental health. Little things like waking up early, drinking lots of water and exercising can do wonders.